Do you want a better rental car for a cheaper price?

car rental dubai

There are a lot of car rental services in Dubai but they all will offer you different prices and facilities. Everyone wants the best deal for the price they are paying. People who are looking for a car rental Dubai have different reasons. You might be a resident of Dubai looking for a vehicle on rent this weekend, or just a tourist who doesn’t want to travel via public transport. Here is what you’re going to get with the best car rental service.



The best services always offer the best rentals for their customers. Their prices are understandable and affordable yet they offer the most out of what they ask for. The best car rental Dubai will give you a rental car for a month for around 3% of its actual price. This is not it, you’ve to pay a security fee for the car in case it gets damaged in way that was not covered by the insurance. But, this security fee is paid back if the car is unharmed at the end of the rental period. Moreover, they offer some facilities which cannot be underestimated.



A best car rental services will provide you as much facilities as they could. Here are some of the best facilities they offer

  • As mentioned above, the service is insured comprehensively. This is a great facility because it is not ordered by the law. It covers all the damages other than those you’ve to pay the security charges for; theft case, animal or pet damages, falling objects, road accident or weather damage.
  • Another best facility that any car rental Dubai can offer is free delivery of the car anywhere within the city. There are not delivery charges and the delivery place can be anywhere; whether it is your home or the airport. The service is also 24×7 so the car can also be delivered on weekends or holidays.
  • Most of the companies renting cars in Dubai will charge you to cancel your order. But some of them offer free order cancellation in case you need that money for something else or the trip is cancelled. You can cancel the order anytime because, as mentioned hereinbefore, the service is active 24×7.
  • You also get an amazing offer from the company which is not offered by everyone. They offer you unlimited mileage with almost all the cars available. And even those cars which have a mileage limit are not a bad deal because the limit it pretty sufficient and as good as unlimited.


Book your order

Fill out an online form, tell them the location and time or delivery, pay the rent and security and you’re all set to get your rental car. There are some important documents required which are as below

  • For those who live in Dubai, the documents needed are Emirates ID card, residential visa, Passport and driving license

For tourists, the documents r