Cruising Drive Mode Review

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Instead of taking your eyes off your road, your Android phone can help you to drive more focused! 

In every aspect of life, our smartphones have made our lives more comfortable and better. But there is only one area in our everyday lives where the impact of our android phones is not so positive: Driving.

According to a survey, 9 out of 10 people are killed every day and almost 1,263 injured due to distracted driving. I know it’s a sad but blunt truth.

Your only one glimpse at your smartphone could drastically change your and your loved one’s life within seconds. But now your smartphone may help you to forestall such a disaster. A large number of apps have bounce forward to help the users to keep eyes on the road while driving, using a variety of different strategies for reading text loudly to making your smartphone unusable.

The best android app cruising drive mode is here to getting everyone to leave their most loving smartphones alone while driving.

safe driving app
There are many features of cruising drive mode app. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cruising drive mode kicks you off your phone:

Don’t worry if you have not enough self-control to leave your smartphone alone while driving. Cruising drive mode app might be the best and useful option for you.

The app starts automatically when you reach at the speed of 15 MPH. It helps you to keep your phone in switch off mode with continuously notifying system.

The overall goal of cruising drive mode app is to keep you safe while driving. It provides you all the incoming calls, texts notifications and helps you to drive more focused with less distraction.

  • Cruising drive mode: Makes smartphone-friendly:

Rather explicitly try to switch off your smartphone, Cruising drive mode helps you and makes the interface simple, easy to use and of course gesture-oriented. With these features, you don’t need to have a look at your smartphone continuously while driving.

The semi-circle shape tab on your smartphone home screen allows you to able or disable driver mode. You can quickly launch into a driver mode. The user can swipe through different actions like maps, music, calling to a particular contact.

  • Cruising drive mode: Customized easy:

The best functioning of this app is you can customize it according to your desire. You can add a specific contact in your app. It also helps you to read messages and generates an auto reply. You can ignore someone’s calls and messages. The most favorite part of this app is you can learn easily about the destination.

  • Cruising drive mode: auto-reply:

Cruising drive mode is the best deal among the bunch of apps. If you want to send auto-reply that helps you to put your phone in do-not-disturb mode, then it is a perfect option. You can simply customize a message to send it out to your contacts.


Cursing drive mode is a useful  safe driving app that helps you to drive more safely without much distraction. You should try this app once as there are many benefits of this app. It’s easy to use, safe and yes, good for your safe life.

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