Way to make my car safer for my family

make my car safer for my family

Car safety is very important for you and your family in today’s life. Everyone has get coverage of their vehicle insurance which is very important. There are certain ways to make my car safer for my family.

  • Do not eat and drink when you drive the car.
  • Do not turn on your mobile phones while driving.
  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Keep your Music slow in your car
  • Car Service can be done monthly.
  • The knowledge of Traffic rules.
  • Regular maintenance can be done.
  • Never drive when you are tired.

Ways to deal with being locked out of your vehicle:

This is a common problem that people is forgetting their vehicle keys inside the vehicle and being locked with it. The problem is creating when they are talking with someone, enjoying with family, eating and drinking etc. It is very embarrassing for them when they locked out. To remove this problem they have to work on it.

There are many Ways to deal with being locked out of your vehicle in which it can save you from the problem and becoming a tension free life.

 Always put your keys in your pocket or purse or in hand when you get out.

 Always use the key fob to lock or unlock the vehicle.

 To check the battery of key fob when it is not working & replace the battery.

 Keep the spare keys at your home.

 To keep some tools for unlocking the vehicle.

 Always keep the Emergency number in your cell phone.

For unlocking the vehicle there are some tips which you can handle your vehicle.

 You can take hanger and bend it like a hook at one side.

 Put the hanger between the window and weather strip.

 Tie the hook and find the lever

 Push the lever outside.

 If you are not able to handle then call to professional team.

How a keyless entry system adds safety to your home?

Keyless entry system is very demanding in today’s life to safe your home because of security purpose and also for hectic situations. There is no chance of misplacing your keys at home or somewhere else. People are adding smart locking features at home. The features you are using like

 Touch screen locks are using in which you can only touch the screen with finger prints or facial expression.

 Password System locks are using in which you can enter the password which you are keeping to unlock the entry system.

 Sliding door system with the help of motion sensors.

 Card punch system are using while entering the home are also adding the safety to your home.

Tips to boost your home security: For keeping more security you are always thinking that how can I secure my home. There are tips to boost your home system

 Use CCTV cameras for home security.

 Use street lights outside your home

 Keep pets at your home

 Leave the lights, TV on while you are gone.

 Using Smart options for locking or unlocking