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Radon Mitigation Milwaukee

Our Mission:

We, radon Mitigation Milwaukee are the foremost radon reduction company having authorized radon contractors who holds expertise in testing and mitigation of radon, commercial radon relief and vapor intrusion. From past 20 years our team of experienced radon professionals is protecting the home owners and business owners residing in the state of Wisconsin. Our radon installation and radon moderation team have a combined industry experience of about 40 years.

Our Services:

Radon Mitigation Milwaukee provides its customers with so many radon related services. We hold expertize in radon potential testing, exposure testing, mitigation and system installation, mitigation system repair, VOC mitigation, sump pump repair and installation and new construction radon moderation. We assure you that Radon Mitigation Milwaukee will bring down your property’s radon level to EPA recommended standard i.e. 3.9pCi/L or below. We can also achieve to 1.9pCi/L or below without including any extra cost. We can also help you in finding a committed and certified competitor who can match your requirements and offers you the same level of work with a copy of hand written proposal.For the proper radon system operation Milwaukee will tell you practices carrying on which can help you in knowing many things.

You need to see outside whether the fan has been switched off or not. The outside radon system will contain a gray or white container with switch close to a fan or a flip-up cover. If the system is routed to the garage just have a look at the plug that it is not unplugged. Next you need to check that the GFI outlets in your garage or in home are not tripped off. The GFI contain two buttons, one has ‘test’ written on it and other has ‘reset’ mentioned. If some mishap happens like curling rod drops in the bathroom sink, the GFI will cut the circuit of electricity. You can reset it if it is tripped off. But you need to replace your GFI if it trips off again. Further you need to examine the top part of aperture pipe for ice. If ice has covered the top it will shut down the aperture pipe completely. The fan might sound like as if it is working or moving but actually the air is not passing through the pipe and it will show a zero-zero on the tube. So you need to unblock the pipe from the ice but before that switch off the fan. When you are done with the clearing of ice you can switch on the fan.

Expertise of our professionals:
You will find our radon experts to be one of the trusted radon analysis and mitigation installation of many Madison real estate firms. Moreover, many environmental consulting organizations and home inspection firms believe and trust our team of authorized and licensed radon mitigation contractors to
lodge their customer’s radon systems. Our team is ever ready to help you with home radon mitigation system or with commercial relief system.