How does packaging affect sales of a product?

Packaging is the key element of the marketing plan of any product-oriented business. Every entrepreneur and marketer needs to comprehend the power of packaging to drive business sales. An effective packaging design reflects the product’s brand image and is considered a selling point for various consumers. It is an extremely critical element in retail sales as it makes the product stand out on shelves than that of competitors and make it the centre of attraction for different consumers enticing them to buy it. A product’s packaging has an influence on what the consumers actually feel about the product. It shows an emotional attachment between a customer and a brand directly connecting you with the choice you want to purchase.

There are various elements of the packaging which directly affect the sales of the product like its colour, packaging design, typography and aesthetics etc. Colour and design of packaging have a noticeable effect on shopping behaviour as they are a great way to attract the customers’ attention. For example, the children’s cereals are normally packed in fascinating bright coloured packaging to attract the audience. Luxurious products often use black, gold and silver packaging. Technology products come in unique and sleek packaging design to reinforce a sense of innovation, which is one of the company’s aims. Beverages and other edible food items are packed in a convenient packaging to make them easy to eat. Thus there are a lot number of ways that show how packaging affects the sales of a product. Some of them are listed below:

  • Attractive Packaging Grabs Customers Attention & Stands Out:

Packaging is a way to distinguish similar products with same characteristics. It set your brand apart from the competitors’ product with claim same benefits. For example, it is obvious that toothpaste is used to clean teeth, face wash will wash your face but when a customer is standing in a retail store and try to figure out which product to buy, the packaging is the first thing which a customer sees and interact with. An attractive packaging grabs the customer’s attention and makes your product stand out from others on the shelves. It facilitates the customer’s decision to purchase the product thus enhancing the business sales to a great extent.


  • Delivers Valuable Information:

It is a fact that people want themselves to get informed on their purchase. An effective packaging is one which delivers the necessary information and makes the customers understand different aspects of the product before using it. It is a good way to increase the sales of a product. Enabling consumers to make educated decisions about their purchase by providing valuable information is one of the helpful ways to elevate your product from a list of competitors. Provide the information in an aesthetic and captivating manner by making a pleasant layout, using attractive colours and a reasonable font size.

  • Effective Packaging Offsets Price:

Customers always get willing to spend extra few dollars if they get something extraordinary. An effective packaging can offset the price and increase the business sales to a great extent. The most common example is “Apple”. Although its products are comparatively high-priced it’s attractive and unique features make the customers spend more. In the case of delicate and fragile products, the securer packaging can offset price especially if the products are to be shipped to the destination. Whereas a poor packaging can make the customers frustrated and adversely affecting the sales.

  • Shows Commitment to Quality and reinforces Brand Identity:

Packaging often portrays the assumption about the product’s quality. A well-packaged product grabs the attention of the potential buyers and reinforces the brand identity. Packaging portrays the quality that a product can claim and can create a lifelong customer. It makes the customers feel cohesive with your brand, the use of custom boxes with logo and flowing through colours, typography and other graphics and aesthetics. Such packaging creates recognition as it gets shared on social media thus affecting your brand image and increasing the product sales. For more details about how packaging affects the sale of the product refers the following link: