Chocolate for Dogs?

Chocolate for Dogs

We wanted to talk a little bit about chocolates. Everybody, kind of hears that chocolates bad for dogs so fill us in what’s the real skinny? The real skinny is, it depends on what type of chocolate because a lot of us have had dogs that have eaten chocolate.

I guarantee as elgin has and like she’s perfectly fine so it comes down to the type of chocolate and how much they eat so let me give you a little bit of an example. The worst is baking chocolate and the drug in chocolate that causes problems and dogs is called theobromine. Also there’s caffeine in chocolate so it’s a combination of those two that causes the problems. Get here to read a well summaries guide on what criteria, you should be considering making dog throw up.

So, for baking chocolate which has the highest concentration of theobromine and caffeine? A minimum lethal dose so they can die from, this is going to be milligrams that theobromine and I’ll try to tell you what that means in a minute milk chocolate has a lower concentration in milk.

Chocolate is a Hershey bar that’s what most of our dogs have eaten and as they’ve never had a problem not a surprise because the milk chocolate is much lower in theobromine and caffeine but for a dog to have a problem with milk chocolate. Regular chocolate were used to they’d have to eat a pound basically a pound of milk chocolate for about a pound dog.

So, Zildjian pounds she’d have to eat several pounds of milk chocolate. She’d have to eat about few times less of baking chocolate but baking chocolate is pretty bitter. So, the point is keep your dogs away from chocolate, they can’t have a problem.

I’m more concerned about other more common toxicities like raisins and grapes. Those are real no no’s and dogs and some people are using those as treats, those are the ones you definitely don’t want to use this treats and dogs. No raisins, no great what about other side effects so if chocolates not toxic.

Let’s say my dog eats four Hershey bars and I have you know  pound dogs yeah anything else happened from that basically they have vomiting and diarrhea and hyper excitability. So, think about caffeine theobromine so if you had drank few cups of call you’re gonna be all hyper. So, that’s another thing that we can see that’s why a lot of times we don’t see it as a lethal dose or a fatality it’s just the dogs are vomiting and they’re acting ain’t doing right. Once again it seems like my dog is wired that’s part of the more common thing you’re going to see excellent. Thank you so much you