Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Stroller Review

The Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Child stroller is one of the more popular options for baby strollers. It has three inflatable tires which make it different than other strollers on the market. Here are both the negative and positive things people are stating about the Kolcraft Offroad Liberty Stroller.


-It has ample storage capacity. Most people agree that this is one of the biggest great things about the stroller.

-It handles hard terrain without jarring the infant around due to inflatable auto tires.

-Even with its much larger size, it swivels and steers very easily with one hand.

-The amount of storage was stressed by almost every customer.

-A catch all found in the front of the stroller helps acquire items that are tossed away which helps avoid unexpected stops and running over things.


-It is very heavy and cumbersome even when folded, so if you have a smaller vehicle it could pose a storage problem. Yet , it did not seem to be to be much of a problem to people with SUVs and vehicles.

-The seat isn’t easily-removed for machine washing. It should be spot cleaned.

-There is not a handbrake, so the foot brake must be used if the stroller gets away from you.

-Because it fits for a car seats, the snack tray can be found a little farther away from the stroller chair.

Overall the reviews are incredibly positive for this baby stroller reviews. Even those mentioning their drawbacks still gave it a very positive ranking. The huge benefits overwhelmingly overpowered the drawbacks on this product which triggered a four and a half away of five star ranking for the stroller.

Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Stroller is a very popular item! Learn what customers say through unbiased reviews to ascertain whether or not if the product complies with your standards.

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