Intelligent Debtor Assessment from Alexander, Miller & Associates

The methods of debtor assessment adopted by Alexander, Miller & Associates are inclusive of the financial, social, behavioral, legal and other related parameters. Their aim is to evaluate the repayment capacity of the debtors without having to touch any of their assets. For this purpose they launch investigations into the business transactions of the debtors. The investigations cover all their cash, credit and debit types of transactions with the other suppliers, customers and business associates. The private investigators from Alexander, Miller & Associates cover the cash flow, fund flow, bank transactions, share market transactions etc. At the end of their investigations they are able to prepare a comprehensive set of reports based on all the assessed parameters.

  • Profit and Loss (P&L): – Alexander, Miller & Associates probe through the P&L of the debtor for the specific number of financial years into the past. This will help them in assessing the realistic income of the company. They also consider the liability and loss factors.
  • Balance Sheet: – By assessing the balance sheet of the debtor company, the agency is able to evaluate the exact present financial position of the debtor If they find it favorable to repay the debts, they prepare the evidences in detail and submit it to the debtors for verification. Of course they ensure inclusion of all the evidences collected during their private investigations.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Debtor Assessment

At Alexander, Miller & Associates the investigators and negotiation experts work together in solving the complex behavioral patterns of the debtors. By the end of their investigations they are able to intelligently assess the way in which the debt collection has to be handled for getting the best possible solutions.  

  • Debtor Assessment: – The experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates are able to assess the future behavior of the debtors when it comes to the repayment of debts. They are able to streamline their negotiation techniques based on the outcome assessment. At no point of time they even think of taking aggressive methods for the collection. Their aim is to make the debtors realize the importance of clearing the debts for their own future business prospects.
  • Debtor Negotiations: – Having negotiations with the debtors for the repayment is the first step taken by Alexander, Miller & Associates. Of course they will be based on the legal evidences gathered during the process of investigations. This is the only way in which the debtors can be convinced about the futility of taking up the legal course or filing for IVA. The experts at the agency also explain legality of all their investigations according to the FDCPA. In almost all the cases the debtors do agree to go for the scheduled repayment. Then the experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates prepare an agreement document on which both the parties agree and sign. The next procedure is to monitor the repayment over the scheduled time frame.

The final resort used by the experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates is the litigation. They ensure procurement of all the legal evidences to prove their case and the strict liability of the debtor in the court of law and get the verdict in favor of their client.