Creative Designs for Upholstery fabrics with Computerized Embroidery

The video you see here explains the features of Brother PE 770 for embroidering creative designs on upholstery fabrics. You can use wide range of light weight, medium weight and heavy weight fabrics for making the designs. While working with heavy weight fabrics you may need to use the hoop for maintaining the proper fabric tension within the hoop. Since you need to accommodate the fabric within the 130mm X 180mm embroidery area, you can use stronger hoops to make your task of embroidering easier.

Upholstery Curtain Embroidery

  • The recommended fabric for curtain embroidery is linen or cotton. You may also use lighter versions of linen. You can also opt for mix with linen, wool and cotton. Once you have selected the fabric you need to choose the embroidery design.
  • You can choose the most attractive design from the inbuilt design stock. Then you need to upload it to the machine’s memory and start embroidering. You can set the number of repeats within the range of embroidery stitches. This can be used for embroidering the complete fabric within your target time.
  • The embroidery patterns can be selected from the onscreen menu. This gives you the options for standard designs, alphabets and frames. You need to use a combination of these options in steps to complete the embroidery. The embroidery card designs are stored in two separate sets. You can click one of them to open the list of patterns in it. The pattern selection can be changed by using the right and left arrow keys in the touch panel. Once you see the desired pattern, you can load it into the machine’s memory.

Sofa Cover Embroidery

Brother pe 770

Sofa cover embroidery designs on the machine can be time consuming. This is due to the vast area you need to cover. Since the machine automates most of the processes involved, you can cover the complete fabric area within your expected time.

Note: – While choosing the time of embroidery for the sofa cover upholstery you need to consider the practical aspects like total embroidery area, thread type and density etc. If you are not sure of the time you can set it to auto mode. The machine will automatically take care of this feature.

Machine Settings

For enabling high end embroidery on upholstery, you need to set the machine parameter at appropriate menu. For example you can set the number of required embroidery stitches within a given area.

  • Many of the machine settings like the bobbin insertion have to be done manually. The winding of thread on the bobbin has to be done optimally to avoid excess of tightness or loose threading. The standard height of the bobbin is said to be 11.5mm-12mm. Once it is installed into the top cover of the machine, you can guide the thread slot and pull it at the lower end. This will ensure proper bobbin settings.
  • Similarly you can make the other settings according to your requirements and proceed with the task of embroidery design.