What are college facilities vs the university facilities

College and universities both provide facilities and the services to the students so that they can not face any problem during their studies.  Universities have more facilities as compared to the college. Wach city has many colleges some are small while other is large while the university is a proper organization that has many facilities as compare to small colleges.College facilities vs universities facilities are discussed below


The students from the different cities and countries come to get the higher education. The universities provide the facility of the hostels to these students. They provide the room resembling their rooms at own house. The student feels good in the hostel accommodation. Most universities provide air conditioners, heaters, and the related services to the students. As compared to the universities, colleges are usually in small setup and local students come to study there so most colleges do not have hostel accommodation for the foreigner or outside students.


Usually, in universities, each department has separate tuck shop or cafeteria along with the main cafeteria. These have freshly prepared food for the students, so they students can get refreshment during free time. In colleges, only one main canteen is present because of the small setup.


The universities facilitate the library of each department so that the student can get the reference books from their own faculty or department. Along with this, the university also has main library setup which has a large collection of the books in it. The college usually has the single library at main area where the students from the different department can get the books.


The university provides laboratories which have advanced and high technology equipment and instruments which help the student in doing their research work and course work.  University has special funds for the betterment of the laboratories and makes them specialized. Colleges do have laboratories but with limited facilities.

Extracurricular activities

The universities can organize the extracurricular activities at the national or the international level.  The sports events, debates and another type of activities make the students confident and active in the life. The college also organizes the activities but usually at the college level. Sometimes the competition is organized between the colleges in the same city.

Job shops

University also has job shops or employment agencies that help the students in the choosing of the career and counseling of the student in the relevant fields. University also has the know-how of the disability and equality laws. They also provide facilities for the disable students to get the education and get success in the life.

The universities and colleges both have many facilities for the students that help them in studies as well as in extracurricular activities. The university provides somewhat more activities and facilities as compare to the students. The student can prefer the institute that provides more and efficient facilities for the students so that they can get help to make the future bright and proud.

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