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Baseball t shirt designs: comfy and quality

If you think baseball t shirts are only for the players, you have definitely got that wrong. Baseball t shirt are the most causal thing you can wear anywhere. From going to college to dates and parties, baseball t shirts are one outfit that fits everywhere. Only place you’d possible not wear a baseball t shirt would be where you’d be expected to be dressed in tip to toe formals clothing. No matter you play or don’t play baseball, everyone has at least one baseball t shirt in their wardrobe because it is the most comfortable thing anyone can ever wear. But there definitely is a great difference in terms of both looks and comfort between a low quality and high quality baseball t shirt. And only a person who has put on a high quality baseball t shirt would know, how unworthy are those low quality baseball t shirts. Nevertheless, baseball t shirts are the most comfortable thing that you can throw up to cover your upper body.

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Top Benefits of Industrial Ear Muffs

Workers employed in manufacturing, molding, weaving and construction industries can benefit from the recommended use of industrial ear muffs. They not only protect the workers from loss of hearing, but also from the stressful effects which can result in physical and psychological health disorders. The selection of these products should be preferably based on the quality standards of their parts like the ear cups, inserting foam pads, cushion and cover, headband and the padding provided for the headband. Recommended material for the cups is Acrylo Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or polycarbonate of engineering grade. Some of the manufacturers may also use High Intensity poly Styrene as the material.

Industrial Ear Muffs

Recommended Materials for industrial ear muffs

  • The headband padding material is to be made from industrial grade polyvinyl chloride or its equivalent. This can provide slip free fitting to over the head models of industrial ear muffs. Fire retardant nature is another recommended aspect of the material, since it can absorb heat and humidity.
  • The headband itself could be made of industrial grade plastic or soft metal like steel. But it should be flexible enough to expand without breaking. This is because of the need for providing custom fitting benefits for the users with various head sizes. They need to be free from brittleness. This is because they will be fitted with screws for making the two halves slide into each other for providing perfect fitness. The connecting part of the headband with the ear cups need to be sliding in nature to fit in swivel cups. They can be attached to each other with flexible screws.
  • The inserts used in the device can be made of synthetic grade materials which are soft in nature. They need to be tested for noise absorption efficiency of more than 98%.
  • The cushions used in the industrial ear muffs need to be twin layered for providing comfort fitting without causing any sort of irritation. More they need to be skin friendly in nature. This is to ensure removal of any allergic factors which might affect the wearer in the long run.
  • The covers provided for the cushion material is to be preferably made from polyvinyl chloride of the industrial grade. This can be sued to cover most of the interior region of the ear cups and the external areas of the headband.

Design Features of Industrial Ear Muffs

  • The shape and size of ear cups needs to be in accordance with the ANSI S-3.19 and CE-EN-352.1 standards. They should be able to cover the complete exteriors of the ears and extend into the rear ear region. This feature can seal off the rear ear bone and prevent the transmission of noise waves to the Cochlea (internal ear organ located in the interior ear)
  • The cups need to be swiveling in nature. This will enable the user to rotate them though comfortable angles to get the most comfortable fittings for the ears.

While searching for protective devices you can study the tope features of ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Industrial Ear Muffs. They are recommended for most of the industrial and commercial applications.