Learning to Excel within Limitations – Tran Siu | Brimbank Councellor

The practical experiences of Tran Siu | Brimbank Councellor have taught some valuable lessons to him during the years of his career since he was a teenager. One among them is to excel within the physical and psychological limitations. Once this approach is put into practice, the process of extending ones limitations becomes natural. (Over) enthusiastic people may use phrases like setting sky as the limit, working beyond borders and many other futuristic fantasies. When it comes to reality it is just “one day of active involvement” which can make all the difference. Teaching the youngsters to keep their feet firmly on the ground while growing in their career can help in avoiding over expectations and resulting frustrations. When they mature into adulthood and grow into seniors, they still work towards their newly set practical goals.

Limited Goals mean Success – Tran Siu | Brimbank Councellor

Tran SiuLike individuals the communities can also set goals for progress towards prosperity. The mentors in the community are aware of the social, cultural, financial and other strengths as well as limitations. By setting realistic goals for a specific period, they can work towards achieving them.

  • Training the youth in sports activities is with a broader vision of transforming them into professional athletes, swimmers, basketball players etc. The coach sets them practically achievable targets in their everyday training programs. The targets may vary between individuals depending on their physical stamina and ability to cope with stress. The time required to become professional players may also vary between individuals. The coach has a complete understanding of their limitations and trains them accordingly. He doesn’t push everyone to perform to his expectations. If this secret is understood, any team can excel. In some instances the coach may use compulsive tactics to push the trainees. But he does it only when he knows they are underachieving.
  • Tran Siu | Brimbank Councellor plans to set similar goals to the community services and social reformation efforts. This way he is able to carry all the people from various communities and ethnicity in the same lines of progress. He has learnt to put these principles of “gradual growth” into practice in all aspects. This method has been producing results beyond the expectations of the people involved in the process.

Progressing with Patience – Tran Siu | Brimbank Councellor

Tran Siu learnt and mastered the art of patience and persistence ever since he was 18. He has brought about all the transformations among the disabled, elders and the youth in a gradual manner.

Tran Siu

  • This method helps in eliminating the skepticism from the most hardcore skeptics in the community. They become willing to join hands with their community members in moving towards progressive prosperity.
  • The probability of clashes on mutual interests will be cut down to size, because everyone is free to grow and contribute at his /her own pace. Soon people start catching up with others since they are working as a team. The willingness to accelerate their progress will also come from the initiations taken by Tran Siu | Brimbank Councellor.