Laws Governing rental Car DUI in Texas

The impact of drunk driving in a rental car can often lead to lifetime ban from the rental company. The Houston DWI law clearly distinguishes between an owned car and rental car when the renter is charged with DUI. The rental company has a right to use the renter for the damages caused to the vehicle. The extent of claims depends on the intensity of damages and the probability of insurance claims being granted for the accident.  In addition, the penalties and punishment for the offending renter will be according to the state laws.

If the rental company has failed to install breath analyzing ignition interlock, it may stand to lose its insurance claim. The court may also reduce the damage compensation claim of the company from the renter.

Basics of Houston DWI Law

  • Legally allowed limit for blood alcohol content is 0.08 in Texas for an adult. However the behavior and driving pattern can reduce the tolerance limit to considerable extent.
  • The clause of license revocation can be used to suspend the license for 90 days, impose a penalty of $2,000 and put the offender under 3 days of imprisonment. The period could be extended to 6 months depending on the injury caused to others and property damages. This is for the first time violation.
  • Second and third offense can lead to $4,000- $10,000 penalty, 1 month to 10 years imprisonment, and suspension of license from 3 months up to 2 years.
  • Habitual offenders may suspend their license for more than 2 years after the third offense. Presence of children in the rental car while driving under influence can force the court to apply zero tolerance law and cancel the license for lifetime.

Clauses for DUI License Suspension

  • Refusal to take the breath and blood tests can result in automatic suspension of license for 3 months.
  • If there is a crash involving personal injury to the pedestrians, other car /vehicle driver, the evidences and test reports can be used to impose penalties and compensation payments to the injured. The value of compensation money and penalty may increase with the seriousness of the injury/deformity/ handicap suffered by the injured.
  • Detailed checking on the earlier DUI cases and criminal offenses may be initiated against the offender by the court. The DUI license suspension may be extended if the records show “black spots” on the habitual offenses. Prior convictions can contribute up to 81% for deciding against the offending driver. The other factors are said to be behavior during trials, age and gender.

Best DUI lawyer in Texas

The role of best DUI lawyer in Texas is to reduce the penalty, plead for dismissal of imprisonment and avoid suspension of license on behalf of the client. The probability of favorable judgment depends on the nature and intensity of offense (Class A to Class D of DUI offense). If the driver has been falsely implicated, the best DUI lawyer gets him acquitted of all the charges without any hassles.