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The ostensible strong and white teeth may truly not be as fit as they appear to be. There are many dental problems which develop inside the oral cavity without the notice of the patients. They can only indicate the problem only when it is progressed to an advance stage and if they get pain. Dental Infections are majorly caused by the growth of bacteria in the mouth. There are specific areas like teeth with cracks, unevenness, gaps, with cavities and fillings are more prone to these bacterial infections and these are the areas where people has to take more care and attention as the bacteria will reside in feeding on the left over food particles and in turn releasing toxic substances which lead to the bad odor from the mouth and also damages the structure of teeth silently. The overall health of the body is indirectly dependant on the health of the teeth. Many dental infections will lead to severe problems harming the entire human body by gaining the access to enter into the blood stream of mouth and further spread all over the other body parts causing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, heart problems, infections and respiratory problems.Dentist geelong

The general symptoms to identify a dental problem are Toothache, Swelling, increased sensitivity and fatigue. These problems couldn’t be overlooked and need to seek a dentist attention. We at Smile4U dental clinic are meant for the same. We are having well practiced dentists who take utmost care for you and will solve your dental problems in the best possible way and without pain.

Smile4U offers you a wide variety of services for Dentist Geelong people dental problems like General dentistry that includes preventative and maintenance treatments, cosmetic dentistry, children dental care and restorative dentistry.

Facilities and Treatments:

  • Bite Reclamation which gives closed and shorter appearance in patient’s smile and face. It will change the vertical dimension of teeth which have been subjected to long term grinding and acid refluxes.
  • Dental bonding to improve the look of the teeth that are cracked, chipped and broken will be done. Enamel-like resins are applied on tooth’s surface, shaped and hardened with a laser light followed by polishing.
  • Dental Braces, regulars the crooked teeth of both adults and children and improves jaw joint disorders and proper positioning of the jaw. Usually a metal, ceramic or porcelain bonds and brackets will be used to the teeth and are threaded by arch wires.
  • Dental Bridges will be arranged for missing teeth or to close the gaps in between them.
  • Dental Crowns for capping of damaged teeth to get its shape, size and strength can be done.
  • Dental Veneers treatment to change the color or shape of the teeth and to repair the damaged ones will be done.Dentist geelong
  • Enamel Contouring and Shaping, Gum Grafts and Implants
  • Implant treatment
  • Periodontal problems
  • Repairing crooked teeth
  • Setting of removable artificial teeth nothing but Dentures replacing missing teeth or surrounding tissues will be done successfully by our professional dentists.
  • Teeth whitening and fluoride treatments