Visit Beautiful Valleys Of Pakistan For Memorable Vacation Trip

If you have a diminutive budget and long to visit a place with varied culture, pure natural loveliness, centuries old ethnicity, ancient history, and the yummy food, then there is no country in the globe better than Pakistan. The natives of Pakistan are so welcoming, supportive and generous with foreign visitors that you will not just enjoy your stay in this motherland but also take rear home the lovable memories of your trip.

Most foreign visitors are fearful of the safety position in Pakistan and therefore evade visiting the place. The condition is not as dreadful as being shown by the media reports. Pakistan is overall a secure country for foreign visitors though a few parts are not secure and must be evaded. I am giving below a few secure and Beautiful Valleys Of Pakistan. This will be useful in planning your trip to Pakistan so that you have the securest, most valuable and pleasant holidays.


Initiate your trip from Islamabad, the striking and green capital of Pakistan. A few of the most attractive and must visit areas of Islamabad are: Pakistan Monument and Museum, Lok Versa Heritage and Museum, Saidpur Village; which is an attractive old village of the Mughal epoch, Lake-View Park, and Faisal Masjid; which is the largest Masjid of South-Asia.

If involved in mountaineering then there are a lot of mountaineering routes in the picturesque Margalla Hills. On the pinnacle of the Margalla Hills, Pir Sohawa is the place you should also visit. You can have lunch/dinner at the restaurant there and enjoy the luscious food as well as the mesmerizing sight of Islamabad.


If you are fascinated in the archeological locations, (600BC-500AD) days back to Buddhist epoch, then visit Taxila, a historical city thirty-five kilometers away from the capital. There are fifty archeological places scattered in a locale of thirty kilometers around the city. A few significant sites are Sirkap, Bhir Mound, Jaulian Monastery, Dhamarajika Stupa and Monastery and Jandial Temple.

The great Gandhara civilization ruled this area of the globe for over thousand years. If you are in the city, then you must go to the Taxila Museum which has a huge compilation of about four-thousand Gandhara Art things counting the stone Buddha figurines.

Patriata, Murree, Ayubia:

Patriata, Murree, and Ayubia are also the Beautiful Valleys Of Pakistan. Only thirty-five km away from the capital is the attractive hill-station Murree, also known as the Queen of the Hills. You can love hiking, walking, riding the chairlifts or do the shopping whole day. There are a lot of shops on Mall Road and in the other streets that present much merchandize of visitor’s attraction. A lot of restaurants and hotels are also be found there.

Another attractive place Patriata; also famous as New Murree, is fifteen kilometers away from the Mall Road, Murree. Patriata draws many visitors because of its height and the chairlift/ cable car that give immense sight of the forests and the hills. The Ayubia National Park is twenty-five kilometers from Murree and is famous for its hiking places, picnic points, trails and a chairlift that takes the visitors to a close peak for a picturesque view of the adjacent hills.