Girls, are you all right? Me super. I wanted to give you a little post following your many requests on Instagram about my diet for a day with Dietox juice . I did this cure last Friday because I am in a period of rebalancing food. I am testing a lot of things right now to feel better in my body, both before the summer but also in the long run. I obviously want to lose weight and refine myself, but I also want to feel better and lighter. Sooooo, let’s move on to this little cure.


You have to drink 6 organic and fresh juices at specific times for a day and that.

 Each juice is designed to meet your nutrient needs at every moment of the day. Each juice is stuffed with good things to help your body eliminate, sleep better, beautify skin and hair, achieve ideal weight and feel better.


It all began the day before, on Thursday night, when I had a light meal as recommended by the brand Dietox. I ate some raw vegetables and a little chicken breast with a fruit.
In the morning of Friday, I took my first juice on waking, that of 7h-9h .

I tasted it for 30 minutes in my couch as advised. This big green juice was really pretty and very refreshing. A blend of pear, spinach, apple, matcha tea, lemon and cucumber. I had a hard time finishing it because it was still great and I do not like cucumber so when it woke up it was rough. I then prepared and went to work. I did not feel hungry until my second juice 10h-12h was my favorite: banana, carrot, zucchini, beetroot, lemon, guarana, quinoa and kale.

I loved the banana / beet / carrot mix. It was fresh and very tasty. A delight ! I then tasted my third juice, 13h-15h during my lunch break and there things spoiled ahaha.

This juice was made from tomato, red pepper, cucumber, red wine vinegar, quinoa, onion, olive oil, garlic and salt. A version with salty notes supposed to replace the midi. I really forced myself to finish it because I felt the very strong mixture of onion, garlic and wine vinegar. It was really too much for me and I found it really too pronounced. It was really against my heart when I love my lunch break and it’s supposed to be the break of the day. Flooop.

I took juice number four 16h-18h just before leaving work, a bit like a snack and I was not disappointed: banana, raspberry, blueberry, almond, acai and beetroot. A real smoothie with sweet notes of red fruits really very good. I loved it and I wished it was small because it was clearly better than the big size of lunch. I went home, I went about my business and I sat down with my family to enjoy the 19h-21h composed of zucchini, apple, spinach, celery, aloe vera, chickpea flour and rice.

Honestly it was really not good at all and it was a torture to finish this tasty juice next to my loved ones eating a big appetizing salad. This juice had the taste of greenery and water. The chickpea flour gave it a floury consistency that I did not appreciate at all. Flooooop. I then sat in front of the computer, I wrote some articles, made some pictures and I took the last juice, that of 22h-00h thinking that the mixture banana, almond, apple, cocoa, lemon, maca and cinnamon would be like a nice little dessert before going to sleep.

Well no no no .. I think it was the worst of all and thank god it was a small format. I had the impression of drinking liquid cinnamon, no more and no less. Much too much for me. I could not finish it, it was really impossible for me.


53 euros the cure of a day right here. The cure of 3 days is at 138 euros, the course of 5 days at 220 euros.


5/10! I felt a little lighter with a little less swollen stomach but nothing too crazy. No weight loss or centimeters, it is not a slimming cure. Level skin and hair I saw no difference. Sleep level either, but it must be said that we were very hot in our top floor apartment those days so the sleep was chaotic. Level form cons I saw a big difference because I was really super fit and motivated the following days. I was no longer tired and I really had the potato compared to usual. That’s where I saw a big difference. I really think that this cure is good for my body but 53 euros for juices, which, let’s face it, are not all good, just to be in shape a few days, it’s way too expensive for me. Maybe the effects are more obvious on a longer course but I do not know if I would have held because it was already difficult for me to settle for liquid for a day. I do not think I would try again, it’s up to you to see if you’ll use it.


10 good reasons to drink Monavie juice, really?

I resume and I analyze point by point for you the last argument provided by the company concerning its juice Monavie. 

This is only my personal opinion on Monavie Juices, but I hope it will allow you to see more clearly in this jungle food supplement.

If Monavie interests you especially for its compensation plan, this is where it happens: Monavie compensation plan.

  • 1. the taste of Monavie Juice:

Monavie juices have “better taste”: to have personally tested, whether Monavie Juice or Monavie Juice active, the taste is certainly fruity with a preponderance of red fruit taste but is especially very sweet.

  • 2. Products based on a superfood contained in Monavie Juice:

The acai berry is a “super food”: I agree with this statement however the acai does not hold the monopoly of “super food”, we can also think of Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Mangosteen, to Noni and many others …

  • 3. Monavie Juices: excellent methods of harvesting, processing, safety and experimentation:

Nothing wrong with the methods used whatever, it is a pity that it is not the best acai berries that are harvested, a question of cost certainly.

  • 4. Monavie juice = exclusive fruit blends:

The company emphasizes here the synergy of the fruits but there is also an economic factor in the choice of these fruits.

  • 5. Monavie juice and nutritional comfort:

Monavie juice is presented as a “simple and practical solution to help you meet your daily nutritional needs”, I do not agree, it is wrong to think that any fruit juice can bring as many benefits as fresh fruit, more than the mix of several fresh fruits.

I just wanted to point out that the sugar content is 12 g of carbohydrates per 100 ml (for the Coca-Col * it is 10.5).


Wrap slimming It Works: Revolution or Scam?

Whether you are tempted by the adventure It Works Global as a future customer or as a future distributor, you need to make your decision to know the leading product of the company:

The Slimming Wrap.

You may also be interested in analyzing their compensation plan, which can be viewed here.

I propose in this article, my opinion on this product “slimming”.

Is this a real revolution or a scam more to take advantage of the weakness, I would say even the distress of people?

Wrap slimming revolution or scam


What is the Wrap Slimming It Works?

It is a body applicator composed of a fabric infused with a “powerful botanical formula 100% natural and paraben free”.

Its formulation would allow fast results that last for 72 hours.

The expected benefits of using It Works Slimming Wrap:

  • tighten, tone and firm the skin
  • minimize the appearance of cellulite
  • improve the texture of the skin

Composition of Wrap slimming It Works:

I give you here the active ingredients and you give thanks for the complete formulation with the excipients.

(By the way, among the excipients are conservatives not really 100% natural).

Chestnut seed extract, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Green tea leaf extract, Fucus extract, Ivy extract, Berry root extract, Guarana extract, Rosemary essential oil, Eucalyptus globulus essential oil.

  • the word “extract” is a generic word, he wants everything and nothing to say, it’s a bit like if I told you about a car (it can be a car without a license or a jaguar), what kind of extract s’ does it work? what is the extraction method used?
  • in all the documents that I have analyzed, at no time is there any link between the composition of the product and a slimming effect: we find the terms “toning, astringent, hydrating …” but not slimming ….


My opinion on the It Works Wrap Wrap:

I’m going here, from what is said in the documentation available on the Slimming Wrap and comment.

“Natural ingredients and lipase enzymes act on the metabolism, breaking down fats and toxins. “

⇒ as I told you previously none of the used assets is presented as allowing to break down the fats; when to the lipases mentioned where do they come from? Is it the lipases we have? The turn of phrase suggests the existence of lipases in the Wrap ….

“It (the slimming wrap) helps to saturate the cell wall to release the subcutaneous fat that has accumulated inside the cells (the osmosis action). The excess substance liquefied by the herbs passes through the bloodstream and into the lymphatic system to be excreted by the body naturally. “

⇒ Excuse me? The osmosis would “take out” the fat? I leave you to judge for yourself, osmosis is a displacement of solute or water: definition of osmosis .

“When you follow a diet, you do not lose fat cells, you lose subcutaneous fat that is inside those cells. It is impossible to reduce the number of fat cells inside your body without surgery, but WE can reduce the size of our fat cells! With our wraps you get the same result as with surgery, which makes you lose unwanted centimeters, but with the Body-Wrap, it’s pain-free, without bruising, without hospitalization, without surgery and without the costs associated with these interventions! “

⇒ I agree that the number of fat cells can not decrease, neither with a diet nor with a Wrap!



Your detox and slimming cure at a discount price

Christmas is fast approaching, why not make a nice present?

You certainly know it, I’m a distributor at Ariix.

And I decided to make you enjoy our flagship products = Restoriix detox and slenderiiz slimming drops at very low prices.

Slenderiiz DayNight restoriix fiche produit

Why order your Restoriix + Slenderiiz cure now?

The holidays are fast approaching and with, their lots of temptations ….

Maybe it’s stressing you, that’s why you should read the following.

If you want to lose weight before the holidays or decide to go after the holidays, you must order now.

Why ?

because I have in stock 10 lots Detox Restoriix + Slenderiiz drops at very reasonable prices.

How to use the Restoriix detox cure + Slenderiiz slimming drops?

I recommend starting with 10 days with only the Restoriix story to properly detoxify your body.

To learn more about Restoriix, read my article: How to make a success of your detox

Once the 10 days have passed, you combine more Slenderiiz drops.

To find out more about drops, read my article about slenderiiz slimming drops

To convince you, Restoriix + Slenderiiz =

detox témoignage

If you have any questions about the products you are taking, do not hesitate to contact me to benefit from my knowledge as a Pharmacy Doctor.


Natural products for weight loss dietary supplements

Natural products are on the rise!

Lose weight, this is what is most requested.

That it is in my activity as Doctor in Pharmacy but also in my activity as hypnutritionist.

For some years now, this demand for weight loss has been clarified with the will to avoid diets and restrictions but also to use natural products.

In this article, we will try to see if you can lose weight using natural products.

Why this craze for natural products?

it is true that for some years now the demand for natural products is becoming more and more important.

Whether in cosmetics, aromatherapy (essential oils) and also dietary supplements.

The weight loss sector is no exception and maybe the different drug scandals like the pick or recently the levothyrox pushes people to move towards more natural products.

Are natural products THE solution for losing weight?

supplements, natural pills

If you’re expecting a miracle product that will allow you to lose weight without changing anything, you’ll be warned right away I do not make you believe that.

Indeed, it is your health above all that interests me, and if you want to lose weight sustainably it will have to make some small changes.

But indeed, natural products can be a great help to boost your metabolism with a detox or reduce the feeling of satiety.

You can also use natural products enriched with proteins that will be able to be a substitute of interesting ration.

But again, I’m not going to talk about magic products or miracle.

Are natural products safe?

It’s certainly the most common amalgam, because it’s natural it’s not dangerous.

It’s totally wrong.

Do not make me say what I did not say, I do not say that all natural products are dangerous but like any active product, there may be side effects, interactions or contraindications.

For this reason, it is best to always seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist, especially if you are taking treatments.

Are all natural products quality?

It is also a question that is often asked to me, whether in the pharmacy where I work or in my office.

Unfortunately, not all natural products do not have the same quality.

But fortunately, there are many natural food supplements of very good quality.

If you want to take a natural supplement to help you lose weight, here’s what you should ask for information:

  • the ingredients of the product and their origins,
  • if there are any contraindications,
  • how to use them: they are taken at meals, away from meals, away from certain medications …
  • if the products are standardized:

I will come back to this term because it is really important.

A standardized product means that you will find the same amount of active ingredient in each supplement box and in each pill or capsule.

Of course, you should not have to ask all the questions listed above, the person who recommends the supplement should anticipate that.

If you have questions about certain complements, do not hesitate to ask me by contacting me on the blog or directly on FB: Manon

The Ariix products that I recommend, respect all the conditions listed above, they are not “magical” products but their quality is exemplary.

In addition, there is now enough to make you a nice gift if you are looking for natural supplements to lose weight:

natural products to lose weight in a box

If you are curious natural or you want to receive free information on quality products and complements, do not hesitate to contact me to benefit from my knowledge of Doctor in Pharmacy.



Hello little world, are you all right? We meet today to talk about slimming and detox products. It’s early February, the excesses of the holidays are over, raclette and other good winter dishes will end and summer is coming soon . Who says been told swimsuits and especially complex.

I have always been complexed by my body . Since I was a child I always had weight problems, I always had a tendency to grow easily and lose weight very hard. I think I have a metabolism enough to eliminate, he prefers to store. My fat deposits are mostly concentrated on the stomach, thighs and buttocks . As much to tell you that at the beginning of the year I do everything to refine my silhouette to be in booooombe on sunny days. Although I am much more assertive thanks to Instagram, this blog, your words of love, my darling and the photography I would like to lose some kilos and to tone some parts of my body .

I have always been a little skeptical of diet products and diets , I already told you about it here in an article. But I was offered to test Anaca 3 products and as I had heard a lot about it, I accepted it. So it’s been several weeks since I’m taking different products and my program is not finished yet.


This product is in the form of a bottle containing a liquid. It is to be taken each morning for 10 days , two tablespoons in a large glass of water each morning. The taste of red fruits is really not bad, it goes very well in the morning and refreshes. It contains natural ingredients and is made in France . The hibiscus flower helps strengthen the body, promotes a feeling of light legs and has the function of draining the body and eliminating bad things. Ash , it helps the renal elimination of water. There is also kola nut that helps burn fat and promotes thinning. Green tea contributes to the oxidation of body fat. Zinc , which is a natural mineral essential to our body, promotes the metabolism of fatty acids, macro-nutrients and carbohydrates.

Finally, there is chromium which is a trace element that helps maintain a normal blood glucose. I really took this product with great ease, it is very refreshing and after 4 days I really had the impression of being much more fit and awake just after my glass drainer.


This product is the one that intrigued me the most by its name. How can a candy be synonymous with thinness? The product is in the form of a sachet containing 30 small gummies . It is recommended to eat 3 a day , no more, in case of hunger.

I really liked them, they combine pleasure and greediness and can not be too frustrated .. The tastes are pretty nice: lemon, cola or strawberry . Unsurprisingly I preferred strawberry candies but the other two are also very good. They are formulated with ascophyllum , a brown alga known to act on the deposition of fat in the body and therefore on weight. The candies also contain zinc , which is very good for metabolism and chromium , an essential trace mineral. I loved these little candies because they really stall , we do not expect to be satisfied with a single candy but that’s the case. In addition the small bag cool is very convenient to put in the bag.


This product is in the form of capsules to be taken with each meal is 3x per day for 30 days . It is recommended to do a 3 month program and I’m halfway through it. The capsules are formulated with plant extracts, always made in France. The nopal or prickly pear helps to promote thinning, reduces appetite and therefore caloric intake but also helps the metabolism of fats. We still find kola nut , known to control weight and burn fat. Finally, there is artichoke , a plant well known to help the functions of urinary elimination and digestion.


This product is the only slimming cosmetic product in the range. It is in the form of a 150 mL tube containing a blue gel to be applied to areas to be thinned by circular massage once a day.

For my part, I used it in the evening , before bedtime. It is composed of genistein or soy isoflavones but also different active ingredients: caffeine and carnitine , known to stimulate the breakdown of fats and spirulina , an alga known for its firming and restructuring properties. The product promises thinning up to -6.8 cm with an overall average of -3.8 cm. The skin would be firmer by 57% and reduce the appearance of cellulite and orange peel by up to 50%. The results are proven by a study.


This small box contains 60 capsules made from a variety of plants and minerals. The capsules are to be taken twice a day for a period of 30 days with a large glass of water. They contain fennel , a plant well known to reduce the discomfort associated with digestion, especially bloating. It also promotes urinary and renal elimination. The product also contains an algae, ascophyllum , used to have a good regular transit, help digestive comfort and prevent the storage of fats in the tissues. Finally, they contain calcium , a trace mineral that helps the digestive enzymes to function properly.


This product comes in the form of capsules to be taken at a rate of 2 every lunch , during the meal with a large glass of water. The bottle contains the necessary to make a program of one month but it is advisable to make a program of 3 months to see all the possible results. Capsules are made from plants and minerals. Once again we find kola nut known to help thinning, zinc and green tea that helps burn fat. There is also guarana , famous for its action favoring the metabolism of fats. A very famous spice is also used: the curuma known to prevent the accumulation of fats and to facilitate the destocking of fats by the liver.


I respected all the catches of capsules for several weeks without forgetting candies in case of hunger and massages with frost every night . On the diet side, I ate healthily because I followed a food program in parallel with healthy and fresh dishes with low calorie intake. I made a few splits : a raclette, a farmer’s brunch and a Nutella factory tour with ahaha tasting but overall I can say that I ate healthier than usual. Sport wise, I walked a lot , I forced myself to walk rather than taking the bus, I walked a lot Paris, took the stairs instead of escalators and I did a few sports sessions every week , the evening, in my room with videos on the internet. I drank a lot of water, a lot of detox tea and a lot of lemon juice.


I was rather amazed by the results, I was really skeptical, but it must be admitted, all these products Anaca3 worked rather well on me see very well worked that’s why I wanted you to detail their catch and their ingredients . I could not really tell you which product worked better than another because I take them all at the same time so I can not bring out one more lot or other. I do not know if one market more than another or if you really have to take all the cocktail to get results. I think it also depends a lot on each person and that the results differ from person to person .

First thing I observed and this, very quickly after the beginning of the program is this feeling of being much more fit. I think it’s caffeine and guarana but I really saw a difference . I sleep better, sleep more quickly since I take these products and most importantly, I wake up in good shape and I have less hang over after lunch. I was a great follower of naps (yes, at my age ahaha) and I have not done any since. I really fishing and it feels good !

Second fact: I feel lighter and much less bloated . My stomach is much less swollen and I have less stomach discomfort that I sometimes after eating , especially in the evening. I feel good after eating. I also feel lighter on the legs. I have been prone to water retention since I was a teenager , especially at the end of the day after having frolicked everywhere and there, after 5 days / 1 week I felt a real better.

Third thing, and not least, the slimming gel actually works . I could see after a week and a half that my skin was firmer and smooth at my hips , area where I have the most cellulite. I have a lot of cellulite here, a fibrous cellulite that hurts and it really did me good . I also applied on the buttocks and belly without visible results but I persevere . When applying the gel, we feel a cold effect and a hot effect, I really felt the gel “work” when I went to bed. Let’s talk about concrete facts: I lost -2.7 cm of hip and -0.4 cm of thigh . I am really happy and hope to achieve a better result. I think I will now use the gel with a suction cup to do deeper massages. Nevertheless, I’m not a fan of the texture of the gel, a little too liquid in my opinion, it’s not very practical to apply because it flows.

Lastly, I lost weight during this program start, in all, -2.7 kg. I lost very quickly at the beginning, I had the impression that the different capsules but especially the drainer of the morning were washing my body and I was going to urinate a lot. I really felt this detox effect . Is it really the products or my diet that has changed radically during this period, no idea. I think Anaca3 products have boosted weight loss and are a great ally. But we must eat healthy next to it, otherwise I do not think it works, nothing miraculous, only plants and minerals so we must give ourselves every chance to succeed. By cons, I really felt like losing those pounds in the stomach, so I think the flat stomach product is very effective.


Anaca3 products can be found on the official website just here but also in pharmacy and para-pharmacy .

The weight loss product is € 28.90, the € 19.90 drainer, the € 23.90 flat stomach, the € 29.90 slimming gel, the € 23.90 fat burner and the sweets slimming at 11 € 90.

There is also a product specially designed to reduce appetite, another against water retention, a sensor of fats and sugars, one for detox and one against orange peel all sold 23,90 € each but I did not test them.


I can say that I am very happy with this start of the Anaca3 program. I was surprised at the results and I think the products are not dangerous for health. I will finish my program and you will do a little update at the end , see if I lose the profits when the products stop. In any case my relatives have seen a nice difference on me and also want to test ahaha!


My opinion on Nikken

A healthy mind in a healthy body, healthy finances for a healthy family in a healthy society. This is the perfect balance that Nikken promises to help you achieve in your life if you adhere to its business opportunity. Too good to be true ? For my part here is what I think after conducting my own survey on this MLM opportunity.


First of all, who is Nikken?

The company has existed on the well-being market since 1975 created by Isamu Masuda, its representatives are present in more than 37 countries currently including France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, etc.

It is a Japanese company whose name is the merger of Nihon (Japan) and Kenko (Health). Nikken’s philosopher is based on the perfect balance of body, mind, family, finances, and community.

But hopefully in the best of all worlds, why some controversy around this company, especially on the internet?

In fact, the controversy around Nikken comes mainly from the fact that the company offers alternative therapies to cure various pathologies. Among the natural therapies offered, there are for example:

  • Advanced magnetic technology
  • Far-infrared technology
  • Negative ion technology
  • Water technology
  • Air Wellness Technology
  • Full spectrum light technology

Nikken also offers product packs, the main ones being the Vital Environment Pack and the Travel Pack. The products offered in the different packs allow you to enjoy a healthy and natural environment.

nikken products

Work and earn money with Nikken

Nikken products are sold primarily through sales meetings. To this end, Nikken provides its distributors with a wide range of marketing tools such as brochures, catalogs and various training courses.

To earn money with Nikken , you can rely on name lists, but also build your own network of distributors.

Thus, at the level of the remuneration, you have your percentages on the retail sales, and also the commissions on the achievements of your network as well as various bonuses such as journeys or additional trainings.

So does it work or not at Nikken?

The fact is, by doing some research, you get the feeling that the concern with Nikken comes from two things.

The first is the often very high price of the company’s products, which makes them difficult to sell. The other thing is the recommended method of work at Nikken, that is the lists of names.

Ariix, Disruptive by Design is it so different?

Ariix wants to stand out, but is she really so different?

In MLM , companies positioned on the market of cosmetics, wellness products and anti-aging are not lacking. It must be said that this market is colossal and weighs several billion dollars.

If, like some, you have been disappointed by what has existed so far as opportunities, here is a new one that might please you: ARIIX.

ARIIX: The company

The company was founded in June 2011 by several network marketing leaders, including Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson and Jeff Yates.

Their experience in this sector is also one of the main pillars on which the success of this opportunity is based.

ARIIX is already present in several countries around the world, notably in Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, America, etc.

His name is composed of AR for Arum (gold) and IIX for 8 (the company offers eight modes of remuneration to its partners).

ARIIX: a real desire to disrupt?

Disruptive by design = Disruptive by Design, Ariix is ​​therefore determined to change the network marketing industry.


  • through his dedication to developing effective products and services,
  • through his commitment to integrity and unity,
  • by its desire to disrupt the industry with innovative practices.

ARIIX: a true philosophy of products:

Ariix works in partnership with world-renowned experts in nutrition, health and lifestyle and brings brands that are at the forefront of what science and nature can offer.

Ariix guarantees high quality products

This desire to be the best is symbolized by the ARIIX Seal of Approval.

With this label, Ariix holds a record of certifications:

Ariix certification

  • Informed Sport’s Global Sports Nutrition certification has certified Nutrifii products (Optimal V, Vinali, BioPro-Q, Magnical-D) and Slenderiiz Day and Night drops.

Informed-Sport certifies that each supplement and raw material bearing the Informed-Sport logo has been subjected to a rigorous certification process and is manufactured to the highest quality standards.



It is the leading provider of information and independent test results to help consumers and healthcare professionals identify the best health and nutrition products.

Omega-Q and Vinali both received the seal of quality.

  • NSF International Certification:

nsf certification

NSF is the leading independent certification agency for dietary supplements in the United States.

It ensures that products are contaminant-free and that manufacturing processes meet the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for dietary supplements.

Optimal-V, Optimal-M and Vinali are all certified by NSF.

  • Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free:

ariix logo leaping bunny cruelty free

The logo proudly boasts Ariix’s commitment to safe and respectful animal feed manufacturing and sourcing practices.

  • PETA Cruelty-Free Certification:

Ariix has signed a strict commitment not to perform animal testing.

  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified:

This seal recognizes exceptional standards of purity and safety confirming that the products are free of toxic or harmful chemicals and that the company’s manufacturing processes meet rigorous criteria.

Finally all Ariix supplements are GMP certified.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are recommended practices by organizations that control authorizations and licenses for the sale of foods, supplements and pharmaceuticals.

These guidelines outline the requirements that a pharmaceutical or food manufacturer must meet to ensure that the products are of high quality and safe for the consumer.

ARIIX stands out with The ARIIX representative’s charter of rights:

This charter, or more precisely this contract, provides representatives not only with legal protection but also with a voice within the company, ranging from changes in the remuneration plan to policies and procedures, to a profit-sharing of the company.

ARIIX stands out with its ACTIV8 compensation plan:

The ARIIX Compensation Plan called ACTIV 8 has been voted the world’s # 1 pay plan by, selling a 50/50 payout for every dollar earned.

It is the subject of a complete article the retailer which you can consult here: Plan of remuneration ACTIV 8 .


Detoxification, is it the right time to make one?

Detoxification or Detox: we see blooming everywhere in the media and on social networks, all the benefits of a detox.

You can also in this regard, read my article on the Restoriix but today, I wanted to tell you when to do and especially when not to detox.

Detoxification, who’s it for?

First of all, to be perfectly honest with you, at the end of my article, I propose to order a detoxification but first I want you to know if you need it or not.

Indeed, the detox is not good for everyone.

For example, in my case, I waited for my diapers to return and have a little recovered before attacking my detox.

Why did I decide to do this detox?

Let’s say that my delivery was not “totally” dreamy, and I was injected with a lot of chemistry, so I needed to help my liver and intestines “detoxify” me.

But as I told you, I waited before putting myself in because a detox can tire.

You should not do any detoxification if you are pregnant or breastfeeding (not very nice to release toxins in baby milk).

If your body is already fighting a pathology, ditto, do not run in a detox, you will weaken your body is already weak, this is not the goal.

Detoxification is good for what?

On the other hand, if you find yourself in the following situations, the detox is for you:

  • you feel tired while your sleep quota is good
  • you feel smeared, have trouble digesting “rich” dishes
  • you are very often bloated
  • your transit is very slow
  • you catch every little cold that goes by
  • you suffer from allergies
  • you suffer from frequent headaches that are not related to hormonal imbalances

Does detoxification systematically lose weight?

detoxification and slimming

I want to give you a response from Norman: “Pt ben que ya, ptet ben qu’non”

It is very “dependent person” but if you have weight to lose and your body is “dirty” yes, detoxification will boost weight loss, otherwise you will still have other benefits.

Is detoxification for you?

It does not matter if you decide to follow the detoxification of Ariix with the Restoriix.

If you have questions about a treatment you are taking or a pathology, do not hesitate to contact me discreetly I will answer you (whether you order from home or not).

Send me a message here or via FB

If you are curious natural or you want to receive free information on quality products and complements, do not hesitate to contact me to benefit from my knowledge of Doctor in Pharmacy.

a is used .

Mini anti-sugar cure

As the holidays approach the end of the year, it may be wise to set up your anti-sugar strategy now.

Do not worry, in this anti-sugar article, there is no question of diet or frustration but simply advice to put in place right now to get rid of sugar and enjoy the holidays.

Why set up an anti-sugar strategy?

mini anti sugar cure

If you want to lose weight permanently, it is essential to free yourself from sugar.

What is difficult with sugar addiction is that it is a hard drug that can be found legally anywhere!

Even with care, sugar is omnipresent.

The worst thing is that sugar causes us to release endorphin and therefore pleasure.

It is therefore difficult to resist sugar.

Being able to limit sugar consumption also helps soothe “emotional hunger” and snacking.

Finally excessive consumption of sugar is obviously not good for your health, it generates:

  • a risk of diabetes,
  • dental problems,
  • an increase in cardiovascular diseases,
  • an increase in your triglycerides,
  • fatigue,
  • irritability,
  • stress,
  • acne,
  • cellular premature aging,
  • an increase in the risk of certain cancers …

You will have understood, it is really in your interest to free you from this addiction.

What to do to succeed in its anti-sugar strategy?

The first thing is to eat enough protein and fat: YES YES fat but good fat and especially at the right time.

You should know that the more proteins and good fats you bring to your body in the morning, the less sugar you will need.

Then, as I said in the introduction to this article, a successful anti-sugar strategy for me does not mean:

  • no sugar at all,
  • frustration,
  • and displeasure,

especially as the holidays approach !!!

You can eat your chocolate and candied chestnuts but if you want to enjoy them without leaving too much scars on your buttocks and hips, the ideal is to consume at the snack between 16h and 18h.

Then, to adopt the good nutrition is a good thing, still it is necessary that your capacities of assimilation are correct.

You may need a good detox without knowing it